Painting The New House PURPLE!? and Trailer Mods!

We paint the outside of the new house, work on a Megasquirted Miata, and do some trailer mods

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  1. I’m only 2:52 in so don’t know if you clean the lens but it is really dirty and if you haven’t already you should probably clean the lens.

  2. You should try and put your merch through off the ranch/demolition ranch. They started a new branding company called Bunker Branding and they do prints and embroidery and it will probably cut some cost and have more options/quality than the other 3rd party sites a lot of people use. Give them a shout and see what they can do. I buy demo ranch merch from them and it is some really good quality stuff and the prices are great.

  3. As a full time painter that was hard to watch you suffering with a roller 😆

    Rent a industrial sprayer for $50-100/day. Sooooo easy to use even if you never have before. Spray the stucco really heavy and then roll it.

  4. You have the wrong roller cover you need like a 3/4 inch nap for stucco and you’re probably using a 3/8 inch nap which or for smoother texture

  5. *Drift Vette giveaway ended today but you can still pick up your Garage Built merchandise to support the channel @ **** or just help @ ***

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