1. Hi PETE’S GARAGE – what kit did you use to plug off the WATERPUMP (to keep paint out of the bolt holes ect)… GREAT VIDEO – 👍

  2. I painted my engine block with the copper and the accessory brackets, covers, pans, ect with silver it looks BADASS.

  3. Somerset, United kingdom
    I use Hb Body 989 epoxy but have used red oxide from hammerite
    All paint (chevy orange) is from etech
    Going to go see a auto paint shop I’ve just found to maybe learn more as I’m just starting out
    Currently restoring a 1984 chevy 305 but cannot get chevy corporate blue on line
    Other projects are 74 pontiac formula 400 and have a 69 ford 250 on its way from Houston Texas.
    Love the videos Pete really helpful keep it up cheers mate

  4. Cambridge uk, you can buy 2k from ebay as well as etch primers etc and eastwoods products from frosts too.

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