Stolen $160 Million Dollar Painting Was Uncovered in Couple’s Home Then Even Weirder Details Emerged

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Some people lead very private lives. Many people harbor secrets. Your own neighbors could be harboring a huge, life-changing secret and you may not even know about it.
A typical New Mexico couple passed away of natural causes, and when their home and belongings were open to the public for sale, a painting was found in their bedroom that was worth millions. Where did the couple get the money to buy such an expensive painting? The answer to that question is simple. They didn’t pay for it. Most of the evidence proves that they stole the painting.
This story is incredible, and it is absolutely true. You have to see this video to believe it.

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  1. my name is: Rick Bellinger, and this video hit home. When I was just a kid and really interested in art, my uncle showed me a painting he had recieved from a really good friend of his. It was a picasso painting. what made this painting so priceless wasn’t really the painting because it was jut a vase with about 5 flowers in it. what made this painting so valuable was the frame picasso made him self, he told me. he made the frame and put his painting in side then somehow locked the picture inside the frame. My uncle told me it was hung in the smithsonian institute for a few years untill they told him it was to valuable to just hang there. When I grew up to be a man, My mom and brother and sister went to see my uncle. I asked him if he still had that painting and he said yes he did. He then asked me some thing I never thought he would say. He asked me if I would like to have that painting when he died. I told him I would be honored and said I wouldn’t ever sell it. He told me I could and it would make me a rich man because back when I was a child it was worth 2.6 million dollars he said. Well about 10 years later as I was digging a ditch my brother called me and told me my uncle Bob had died. I was upset and wondered to my self what to do now.. should i keep working or go to NY for his funeral. But nobody would tell me any more about him. And nobody ever saw the painting any more either. And nobody knew any thing about a will either. i tried searching it but never got any where. All I now is: his only brother that is living now moved to Texas with his 3 boys and his wife and they all bought them selfs new homes. guess i’ll never really know.

  2. Never did come to the conclusion of this painting’s authenticity. Plus, if they did pilfer it, does the now ‘owner’ have to return it?

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