6 BAD Painting Hacks. These Tips Are NONSENSE!

BEWARE of this bad painting advice on the internet. 6 Painting HACKS you do not want to do. Paint tips and tricks from The Idaho Painter, Journeymen John, and B&K Painting.


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I started The Idaho Painter YouTube channel as a way to help out others who were trying to paint themselves. I have a passion for painting and helping other people to fall in love with painting. My primary focus is to educate, empower, and equip painters word wide. Hope you enjoy our channel.

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  1. I drink water out of the one gallon jugs on the jobsite and they have come in handy from time to time when its empty. Sometimes not enough cut pots aroundd. Just don’t cut it so shallow.

  2. Vaseline works great for lubing and getting rid of squicks on door hinges/pins. But definitely not for spreading on surfaces so no to get paint on lol.

  3. Also that rubber band can snap and cut you.
    A pringles can takes 30 seconds to wash with soap and water.
    That water jug was cut too shallow. Or you can also buy those plastic container that soup from a restaurant comes in for like 4 for $1. Or the thicker ones for 3 for $100.

  4. Used to work in an auto body shop. Foil actualy can be helpful to cover odd objects such as brake master cylinders, wires or steering colums without all the bulk you get with paper. Wouldnt use it on most stuff though because it is expensive and as you pointed out not that well sealed.

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