BLENDING (My approach to it and tips) || Oil Painting

In this video I’m talking about blending and showing you my approach

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Materials used:
• Oil paints – “Nevskaya palitra”
Colors: Burnt Umber, Cadmium Yellow Pale, Ultramarine Blue, Cadmium Red and Titanium White.
• Frosted acrylic panels
• Paint thinner (odorless mineral spirits)
• Medium (stand linseed oil)
• Brushes – round detail brushes in sizes 1, 0 and 00; and synthetic filbert brushes in different sizes.
• Glass palette
• Palette knife
• Paper towels


  1. I like how you showed John Singer Sargent. He’s a great example of how great a painting can be without blending at all.

  2. I cant afford oil paints right now but your techniques works so well on my watercolor medium! Im so excited to switch to oil paints as soon as possible. 😍

  3. What would happen if you paint without an underpainting??? And why some of my underpaintings make darker the next layer of paint even if it’s dry?

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