DIYary Home Renovation Updates 🏡 Sitting Room, Garden and Painting Furniture

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  1. Guess what, I was missing Hermione Chantal’s videos today and I decided to binge watch your old videos (5 years old) and loooook who surprises me with a new video ❤❤❤❤❤❤ I binge watched all the thrifty haul videos and many more. Every video is so great.

  2. I think if you mount up the tv in the sitting room it’ll fill in the space a little bit better and you won’t have to cram it with things that’ll just end up making it cluttered. Also I know you didn’t ask but I think two full couches in the sitting room make the space look smaller. I think changing the couch that leads into the dining room for two chairs would open up the space more and make the transition from the sitting room into the dining room more seamless. As for the nightstand, I think the best way to remove the paint from the cracks would be to take it apart, but I wouldn’t do that for such a small piece, so I would paint them.

  3. Hermoine, why don’t you mount tv on to the wall! this will solve the issue if you don’t want to add any wall art for distractions.

  4. I like the natural wood finish on the tables! It looks good! Also what if you mounted your TV? That would take up a little bit more space on the wall making it feel less lonely. But also purposeful.

  5. You cold use liquid paint stripper and dab some on the parts you can’t reach. Should scrape off easily then! Great video but you definitely need some plants to bring your rooms to life!

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