1. Great job and great tips with the painting….will look for that brush. Hope you feel better soon….congratulations on 40k!

  2. I agree! A good brush makes all the difference. What I like the best about that brush ( I own it too! ) is that it is flexible, the edge can cut very thin and the main body of the brush can hold a lot of paint — nothing worse than having a thin brush not hold a lot of paint and dripping when it’s held over your head LOL You are doing such a wonderful job with your house 🦋

  3. I like the way you took the time to zoom in and show the ‘how to part’ the hallway looks great . Also congratulations on the 40 k subscribers! x

  4. 40,216! YES! That brush is fantastic! I have used the blue handle for years. Will get the black handle next time I buy one. I love to watch you. You have a super way teaching others!

  5. 40k Congratulations!! Way to go so happy to see your channel growing!! You make painting look so easy!!Great tips!!!

  6. Lynnette congratulations on 40K. I really enjoy watching u. I’m definitely getting that paint brush, Thanks for sharing👍🏻

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