How to blend with Acrylic Paint – 5 TOP TIPS – Paint with Maz

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This video is about 5 Top Tips for Blending with Acrylic.

Gel Mixture video:

Materials I use for acrylics
Starter Paint:

Flow improver
Slow dry gel
Hake brush
white gesso
Stay Wet Pallet
Scrub brushes

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  1. Thank you ❣️ I came across your videos and was hoping it wasn’t just another husband and wife team circus. So obnoxious. Awesome useful tips, and I thank you for your style of communication. It’s so refreshing to listen to an adult actually teaching in a calm, direct, un annoying manner, without others distracting and interjecting useless talking and giggles ❤️ I’ve subscribed, gladly.

  2. I really liked the way you explained everything.. It was nice to watch your video.. Thanks so much for sharing your tips and ideas about painting.. Would love to try out one for myself 👌👍😊😘

  3. You know what I’ve found (and this sounds like a joke but it’s not) is that K-Y jelly is just as good as acrylic medium and it’s wayyyyy cheaper.

  4. When I have clicked ‘comment’ I’m leaving the house to buy some gel medium. I have really learnt something today.

  5. Thank you for the refresher lesson. It’s been decades since I held a paint brush and your video helped me recall my art teachers words and remember the passion I once had. Off to the art store, time to paint. Thank you.

  6. Hi Marion i am just starting with acrylics and is it only the hake brush that is used for blending
    as sometimes when i am laying my paint it tends to rub away rather than stay any tips please would be helpful thankyou like you did with your finger in the gesso i have all the paint around and away in centre

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