Oil Painting Hacks For Beginners

Oil Painting Hacks

Welcome to artist hacks I wish I knew about when I first started to paint. These tips and tricks are for beginning artist, but professional artist might learn a trick or two as well. Feel free to use all the same painting hacks for your own art. Some of these will work for acrylic and watercolor artist too.


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Hack Items:
Simple Green –
Rubber Nitrile Gloves – or CVS/WallMart
Baby Wipes – or Dollar Store
Wax Paper – Any Dollar Store For Best Deal
Card Board – Local Mail Store or Amazon order
Bungie Cords –
Paper Towels –
Junk Towel – Goodwill or Discount Dollar Store
Canvas Sheets:

Items used:
Bob Ross Kit:
Masking Tape:
18×24 Acrylic Palette:
H-Frame Easel:
Odorless Paint Thinner:

Studio Gear:

Video Gear Used:
Logitech C920 Camera:
Blue Microphones Yeti Pro:
GoPro Hero 5:
GoPro Karma Grip:
Lights & Green Screen:

Art Store:

Wild4Games on Social Media:


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  1. Great video! But there were actually 15 hacks…”Practice, practice, practice” are three different hacks! πŸ™‚ You’re right about paint, paint and then paint some more. I’ve painted 160 paintings since May 2016…it’s made all the difference in the world! Where do I learn? Well, from Wild4Games! πŸ˜€

  2. Quick addition to the coupon sign up tip…JoAnn’s, Michaels and Target (yes Target has art supplies and they are usually costly but stick with me here) all have price match. What that means is they will match any competitive stores advertised price, with the exception of Target they also will honor coupons from other stores.As you mentioned only having a Michael’s in your area I thought I would mention this for you. Sign up to them all even if there isn’t one in the same state as you (Kmart has outstanding deals but they are not in my area of Texas if they are even in Texas idk but I use their advertised prices to shop at Walmart all the time, on that note Walmart usually has Martha Stuart paints for $1-$3 which is about 80% less than everywhere else and that’s a good price advert you can print off their website and use elsewhere) So go to an app like retailmenot.com or milled or brickseeker or even check reddit and Facebook groups, BEFORE you head out to get supplies , sort the listings by categories, find recent art supply coupons and online sales, (not ones that require a code at checkout, this won’t work, and it has to be an actual brick and mortar store not like eBay or Amazon ) print or screen shot the listing , try to include the date this helps them honor it easier, then when you get to your local store find the exact same size ,weight, volume, color, brand, etc. Take it up to customer service or ask for a manager, it’s unlikely the cashier will be able to do it with out a manager and there is no reason to hold up the line if you don’t have to.Hope this tip saves you some cash! Enjoyed the video (protip try not to say “highly recommended” as much, it seems less genuine the more its used) going to subscribe, like and share now, looking forward to more from you. -Hillary Marek

  3. TEACHER ! Wow ! you are so AWESOME ! got the baby wipes, Bro! you should have seen my face ! when it removed the paint So Easy from my hands,fingers ! i said Thank you Jesus for Wild4 ! Thank You :o) Buddy, paint wont stick person.

  4. The last tip I needed to hear the most! I’m so hard on myself when I try something that doesn’t come out as I imagined… I hope one day I’m as good as you!

  5. LOVE YOUR VIDS keep up the great work! Q: when you do a practice oil painting on a canvas pad sheet and decide you really want to keep it, what do you do next? (do you have a “how to frame that canvas sheet oil painting”)

  6. I wish I would have discovered you sooner. This is great! Thank you so much! Subscribed!

  7. Very helpful your tips :). I started painting yesterday for the first time ever! It did not come out as I thought πŸ˜‚. I used oil painting I think one of my mistakes was after using a color mixing it In water to apply a different color. Do you just wipe the paint off the brush? And my next question is the clouds you don’t apply that much pressure right?

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