Oil Painting Tips & Techniques | Tree Frog | Lachri

See how to blend and layer oil paint to create a realistic looking red eyed tree frog and fireflies! I’m painting a grisaille underpainting then glazing color on top to make this painting even easier and to get smooth blending!

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Supplies used: (amazon affiliate links)
★ Fredrix Belgian Linen Canvas Board
★ Clamp light for my easel
★Webers permalba black
★Weber permalba white
★Liquin original
★ Liquin fine detail
The following are base sets to get started if you don’t have oil paints at all. Either set is a great start!
★Winsor & Newton Winton Color oil paint:
★Winsor & Newton Artists Oil Paint:
★Mona Lisa Brush Tank
★Mona Lisa Odorless Paint thinner
★The Masters Brush Cleaner
★Masterson Artist Palette
★ New wave glass palette (sets inside the masterson palette listed above)
★ Glass scraper
★Viva Paper Towels
★Mop Brush I recommend the 12 pack on these I also used a #4 liner brush and two #8 filberts, both synthetic hog hair and a few stiff round brushe


How to varnish an oil painting

Beginners guide to Oil Painting & your first painting lesson

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  1. Wow, I absolutely LOVE the new editing you’ve done with labeling supplies and the tiger painting popping up — amazing and really pulled me in even more to what you’re describing. I already felt your tutorials are easy to understand and kept my attention even on the longer patreon videos, and this just makes it even better 😁

    I only use acrylic at the moment but still watch nearly every video you post and plan to venture out to different mediums soon. Thank you so much for sharing your art as well as your techniques — as a self taught artist, I would have given up out of sheer frustration long ago if not for YouTube artists like yourself!

  2. Omg the fact that you mentioned that little hair on the brush! Your an artist through and through I was literally watching you paint prior and it was driving me crazy that is was sticking out.

  3. Oil painting always intimidates me, so I never touch it. However, this is changing my mind.. This piece gives me a magical vibe or something from a dream. Thank you for showing us your process! This video is very informative.

  4. Love to see oil paint being used, especially as i’m getting back in to it again after a very long time. I hope you do many more oil paintings, i love your paintings and i adore froggies. Thanks heaps for this video…….it’s really gorgeous. 😄🐸😄🐸😄🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸❤️️

  5. The ‘green bits’ are called ‘duckweed’, (or the herpes of planted aquariums hehe) or at least that’s what it’s called over in the US of A. I absolutely love this painting btw! I adore frogs.

  6. Wow so beautiful. Oil paintings are so vibrant. The frog reminds me of Puerto Rico! I never tried oil, but I want to! I created a new art channel. Would love some support !!!

  7. Amazing tutorial – I really enjoyed it and your style of painting is my thing anyway as I absolutely love detailing. I’m still not as advanced as you but I’m working to get my realism skills up. Also, thanks for leaving the link of your canvases as I’ve been looking for a smooth canvas. 😀

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