Painting our RV tiny house

Finally putting some paint on our RV tiny house after years of delay.

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  1. A striped canvas awning in brown and white or dark green and white, over the front door would add such a cute touch!

  2. Big improvement! Here’s a suggestion for your next project. How about making an overhang over the front door so this winter you don’t have to shovel all that snow off the steps!

  3. OOoohhhh! I LOVE the zippy “look at me painting my house” music! Everything looks amazing……may God bless you two!

  4. Hope you painted the other two sides as well! Suggestion: how about a covering over the entrance. It would be a much safer approach to your home in bad weather, especially for Elisabeth.

  5. I know I have said it before , however, it bears repeating.

    I love how you two have taken negative situations and have allowed them to develop into a positive, sustainable life.

    Blessings to you both.

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