Wonderland Home Painting | Flower Painting | Acrylic Painting Tutorial

Hey Art lovers..In this painting tutorial I thought of painting something imaginary, something different and so I painted a wonderland home with beautiful flowers. This might remind you of some animation movies scene where certain characters live in such home. I hope you are enjoying your summer vacation by now and creating a painting like this will be a real fun experience.

❤️Acrylic Camlin Colors used here are:
423 Titanium White
436 Ultramarine Blue
236 Lemon Yellow
016 Black
453 Viridian Hue(Dark Green)
031 Burnt Sienna (Brown)
063 Crimson Lake

❤️Brushes :
Flat Brush No – 6,12
Round Brush No – 1,4,10
Filbert Brush No – 10

❤️Canvas Paper: CHITRAPAT Drawing Paper, 270 GSM, 100% Cotton Fibre, Acid Free, Texture MAT 9in x 12in

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Music Credit:
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Acrylic Colours:

Titanium White :
Black :
Lemon Yellow :
Cadmium Lemon :
Permanent Green Light :
Crimson Lake :
Scarlet Lake :
Vermilion Hue :
Yellow Ochre :
Viridian Hue :
Ultramarine Blue :

Beginner’s set of 12 Acrylic Colours:


Flat Brush set :
Round Brush set :

Canvas Board :

Video Shooting Equipment:
Mobile Holder:


  1. The way you blend the color is excellent………you are like my teacher…….sooo mam plzz can you draw something like scene of under water or world inside the ocean……….well I tried it….but if you do for me than I learn more…….

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