Painting The Tiny House… SUPER white!

August 23, 2016 admin 10

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HOME MAKEOVER| Painting the 2nd Floor

August 12, 2016 admin 16

↣↣↣HOME MAKEOVER| The Home stretch↢↢↢ Sorry it took so long to get this last few chapter in. I had so much to do back in nebraska I went on a youtube hiatus. But I am back and here is the 2nd to last episode before we begin the Home makeover series season two!!! ↣↣↣If you’re reading this. Let me know by commenting down bellow. “I love your haircut!!!!?” First floor living room| Kitchen| Work room| 2nd floor hall way| Master bed room| Bathrooms| 3rd floor closets| 3rd floor Theater room| ↣↣↣Can we get 500 likes on this video?? ↣↣↣Details↢↢↢ Watch…


DIY Wall Painting Ideas – Easy Home Decor

July 30, 2016 admin 4

Simple DIY wall painting ideas. wall painting, diy wall paintings, diy wall painting, wall painting ideas, wall art painting ideas, interior wall painting, diy painting walls, diy wall decor, diy wall decor ideas, wall decoration ideas, creative wall art, creative wall decor, make your own wall art, make wall art, easy wall art, wall paint patterns, easy painting ideas, easy wall painting ideas, simple wall art, simple wall decor, simple painting ideas, simple wall paintings, diy wall art projects, wall art projects, room decor ideas diy pinterest, room decor ideas tumblr, room decor ideas diy youtube, living room design ideas,…


How to Paint a Picture: 3 Quick Painting Tips!

July 24, 2016 admin 1

Some quick tips for creating an acrylic painting. A brief overview of composition, color and value. Compose your image using the Rule of Thirds. The principles of Value is a great way to achieve the perception of the weight of an object. See how color can be used to give the illusion of warmth and the coolness in areas of an environment.


Interior Design | White Home Decor | Decorating & Painting Tips

June 30, 2016 admin 10

Promotional and other consideration provided by BEHR® Paint || INSTAGRAM: Sign up for Design Sessions LIVE with Rebecca here: Subscribe to my channel here: Select your own Behr Marquee wall color here: —————————————-­­———– Fix It Friday Recap: Ep. 1 Guys Bedroom Ikea Makeover: Ep. 2 Love Shack: Ep. 3 Modern Condo Makeover: Ep. 4 Living room turned to Billiard room: Ep. 5 Abbys Rom: Ep. 6 Laundry To the Loo. Roy Powder: Ep. 7 Garvey Living Room: Ep. 8 Quick and Cheap first Apartment for Scott: Ep. 9 WOW Dining Room: … Ep.10 Living Room Weekend Makeover: Ep. 11 Traditional…


How To Paint Your Home With A Paint Sprayer

June 4, 2016 admin 5

DIY video and tutorial on how to paint your home with a paint sprayer. Includes lots of tips to save time painting your home. Works for painting the interior or exterior of a home. I used the Power Flo Pro 2800 by HomeRight in this painting tutorial. Click here for more info on this paint sprayer. You’ll find all of this detail and more written in my post on H2OBungalow. Search “Exterior Painting”.

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