5 Acrylic Painting Techniques

Acrylic Demo: Blend, Layer, Trees, Clouds, Suggestive Detail, & MORE
Beginner to Intermediate Level Tutorial and Techniques

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Canon in D Major
Barroom Ballet
C Major Prelude
Mine Kleine Nachtmusik
Waltz of the Flowers
Blue Danube


  1. It’s always happy time when my favourite art youtuber uploads a video. Your videos got so much quality over the time but this time you took a huge leap. I liked your new idea of weekly subjects. It’s as if I’m waiting for my favourite show on tv. I also loved how you explain us everything throughout the video. Job well done.

  2. This is crazy good timing. I was trying to find tips and techniques for acrylic. I always do watercolor and I just don’t understand how to paint with acrylic for some reason. So thank you again!

  3. I think you’re already providing everything I could possibly want from this channel. Your guidance, your insights, your art, your humor, your development, your friend hoodie. I couldn’t possibly ask for more.

  4. I would follow you twice if I could! You’re the best artist to follow! Your art is amazing and your tutorial and tips are so informative and concise. Thank you!!!!!!!

  5. honestly loved this. it’s so nice seeing someone approach an art tutorial with such a relaxed and embracing tone. none of the ‘you must follow this rule and don’t paint this colour over this!’ talk just genuinely so calming and encouraging, a massive ‘just try it out for yourself but this is what works for me’ vibe. i’ve loved all your videos so far but if there’s more like this as part of your plans for the future? then i’m excited

  6. Can you make a video about how to do pricing on different kinds of art. The medium, paper v canvas. Beginning stages of selling your artwork? Someone recently expressed interest in commissioning a small painting and I have no idea what to charge for it. I’m torn between being afraid of asking for too much, and valuing my work.

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