OIL PAINTING TIPS || The Mind of an Artist #4

Some thoughts on painting faces and skin tones…

Also, I’m thinking about including a little Q&A section in my next video… so feel free to send me some of your questions or just write them in the comment section of this video. And thanks to all of you out there for your support… YOU ARE THE BEST!!!

▶ My Color Palette and some Materials I used:

A more affordable version of my Cobalt Turquoise:

Ivory black:
Transparent Oxide Red:
Yellow Ochre:
Prussian Blue:
Cadmium Red:
Alizarin Crimson:
Titanium White:
Kingsblue: https//amzn.to/2W4YKRt
Cadmium Yellow:

Canvas Panels:

Safflower oil:

Paint roller:

▶Shop with small Sketches and Studies:

▶ Connect with me

▶ Music
– Anomie Belle

*All the Amazon links are affiliate links, you can basically purchase anything you like after using the links and I will get a small commission off that sale at no extra cost to you, this is a great way to support this Channel!


  1. Great master
    I think that a good artist/youtuber is who inspires you to make something and you nailed it
    U got a new sub 🙂

  2. It’d be great if you included some clips of your palette so we can see how you mix colors, how much you mix of every color, how you organize them on the palette etc.

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