OIL PAINTING TIPS || The Mind of an Artist #6

I’m all about those Food analogies…

▶ My Color Palette and some Materials I used:

A more affordable version of my Cobalt Turquoise:

Ivory black:
Transparent Oxide Red:
Yellow Ochre:
Prussian Blue:
Cadmium Red:
Alizarin Crimson:
Titanium White:
Cadmium Yellow

Safflower oil:

Paint roller:

canvas panels:

▶Shop with small Sketches and Studies:

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▶ Music
– Anomie Belle

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  1. You’ve mentioned this before but I really love how you focus on the work as an interesting piece of art instead of doing what might be technically correct in life. I think a lot of classically trained people focus on technique and what’s “right” that they forget about creativity and having a unique vision.edit: also, I always hated oil painting and your videos almost single handedly got me doing it and actually enjoying it. Thank you for the content!

  2. Love all your videos!
    You said on this one that you weren’t using a medium except on the background. But you also allowed time for the first layer to dry on the skin… how long do you usually wait?

  3. Really great videos! I just went through your whole library and really enjoyed them. Love your soothing german accent as well 😀 You got a new subscriber ^_^

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