Realistic Painting Tips – How to Paint FUR

The best techniques and tips I have for painting realistic fur and hair for animal subjects with short hairs such as a deer.

In this video I show you how to paint the deer’s fur. I show you how I build up the layers of color and give tips on how to show realism in the hairs.


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If you have any questions about something I covered or maybe something I didn’t cover in this painting tutorial I am more than happy to answer.

Chuck Black is an artist currently residing near Bozeman, MT. I work primarily in acrylics and oils on canvas. I paint landscapes, wildlife, and anything to do with outdoor living or Mother Nature. My work simply reflects my love for the outdoors.


  1. Thank u Chuck, this helps me a lot. I was actually wondering how you painted him with so much detail.. I posted my first bird a couple of days ago on Instagram and realized that I really didn’t know how to detail him.. He’s a feathery friend but I can see how this would work on him too.. I can’t wait to try a furry friend! =0)

  2. Curious about the real time involved to actually pixelate the entire body? Some artists put a type of finish over the acrylic, before adding the oils. Is that necessary? This was quite helpful for me while looking at other animals too. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  3. Genius! Chuck, I am always blown away with your ability to bring a painting to life! Thank you so much for this detailed video of painting the fur on the deer. This has been one of the things I have trouble with. I do have a question…I see you changing between light and dark colors when doing the pixelated brush strokes and I was wondering when to switch colors…are you going by what has been blocked in underneath?

  4. Amazing 😍👌🏼 what a stunning piece!
    SO only the last pixels where oil? And may i ask you? What about the grass? Is that oil paint? Because you cant paint acryl over oil right?

  5. hi Chuck ; how to paint fur ; the fur looks so real incredible artwork it`s more than beautiful very very well done , and i thank you very much to be there for us ; i am one of your french fan from Québec, Canada

  6. Thank you so much, Chuck. It would seem that step one for painting realism or hyperrealism is to cultivate the patience of Job! 😀 Such a beautiful painting. 😀

  7. Incredible, I am so impressed with your artistry and skill. Your videos are so helpful and inspiring. Thank you.

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